Atlas de Anatomía Humana

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La célèbre référence des planches anatomiques, inégalée depuis plus de 10 ans

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The Atlas of Human Anatomy offers a systemized view of the human body.

 Each chapter is at the same time a synthesis and a detailed de-scription of the organs and physiologic systems. The wealth and the quality of the illustrations, as well as the clarity of the captions, make this work a remarkable source of information.

Professors and medical students alike, but also healthcare profession-als – nurses, masseuses, physical therapists, etc. – will all find this Atlas of Human Anatomy extremely useful.

Index of 1500 entries

Dr Emilio Martin Orte: Medical Doctor and Surgeon at the University of Grenada. Paediatrics and Childcare Specialist at the Hospital of Barcelona. Associate Professor in Paediatrics at the Central University of Barcelona. Author of several works on general medicine, gastroenterology, and paediatrics. Department head at the Hospital Terrassa in Barcelona. Department head at Hospital dels Nens in Barcelona.

Miquel Ferrón: Professor of Artistic drawing and design at the Massana School in Bar-celona. Founder of Prisma, the Graphics Design Firm. Professor of Plastic Arts from the Official School of the City of Barce-lona and of the Catalonian Government.

Myriam Ferrón i Viñas: Has earned Art Plastics and Drawing Diplomas from the Massana School in Barcelona. Massana School in Barcelona: Founded in 1929, thanks to the donations of Agusti Massana, the School has earned international acclaim in its instruction of art, artistic trades and artistic design.

French Scientifique Editors: Drs. Camilio Adem & Laurent Bern


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